Groundbreaking new Cabaret shows at FEST Camden invite you into wondrous imaginary worlds and immersive film scenarios.


Groundbreaking new Cabaret shows at FEST Camden invite you into wondrous imaginary worlds and immersive film scenarios.

You can always expect the unexpected at FEST Camden and now the leading nightspot has teamed up with Impossible Things Entertainment to redefine the cabaret experience with three new shows that fuse circus, cabaret and live music with interactive and alternative gameshow fun. Taking place on rotation across Fridays and Saturdays from October—with preview shows in September—the three fantastical shows are Femta-Galactic, Tarantism and the The Undead Famous Gameshow. Each is an explosive, edgy experience with a real sense of humour and immersive, interactive elements like nothing else you have ever seen. 

First of the new shows is Femta-Galactic, a psychedelic sci-fi spoof and musical trek through space and time featuring intergalactic treats like an aerial hoop show, LED poi dance and flaming lightsaber battle. Leading power-women from classic sci-fi films are recreated and take control of a female only planet called Planet Poontang. With singing, dancing, circus and lots of glitter, FEST Camden & Impossible Things have gone into overdrive to deliver this sexy musical mashup of iconic cosmic moments for an interactive show experience that is truly out of this world. There’s also a bingo element which means you have to spot references to certain sci-fi films throughout the show and check them off until you have a full house. So, whether you see yourself as Bowie belting out ‘Life on Mars’, part of The Matrix style slow-mo showdown or Booberella - Rightful Queen of the Planet Poontang, there really is something for everyone. 

Next is Tarantism, an immersive Quentin Tarantino dream with classic soundtracks and iconic scenes acted out from the likes of Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs or Kill Bill, involving famous Tarantino characters such as Mia Wallace, Vincent Vega and Mr. Blonde. This feast for all your senses includes a fire fan act, angle grinding and eye-popping burlesque and brings you an electric mix of classic scenes and action from all the celebrated movies blended of course with songs from their unrivalled soundtracks. You’re encouraged to dress in character and get fully involved with scenes such as the legendary Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest. It’s an immersive Tarantino world with a talented cast of performers who deliver dynamic performances which include circus skill surprises and live guitar solos to create a truly unique show. 

Lastly is the The Undead Famous Gameshow which invites you to dress up as your favourite dead but real life idol as you are immersed in a wild world of heroes past. You will witness Cleopatra’s crazy body contortion, Amy Winehouse’s wine bottle smashing glass-walking pastiche, Princess Di (with full bridal train) on the aerial hoop and Marilyn promises to sing happy birthday to anyone who’s celebrating. Whether rock god or goddess, movie king or queen, circus acts will join you to pay tribute to pop culture’s late legends. Your drinks and canapés will be peppered with appearances from well known characters from times gone by and you will mingle with the likes of Prince, Bowie, Chaplin, Elvis and more as they surreptitiously slip ‘clues and dos’ to you about the gameshow ahead. Singing hosts offer more hints and tips in the form of astounding circus performances and then, with your idol captain announced, your team will be called and the The Undead Famous Gameshow begins!

And so to the food and drink… Each Silver Package ticket includes high-end food platters, desserts and drinks. Food is bottomless and five drinks per person are included; all is served during the early part of the experience in FEST’s famous and fully themed Party Stables. A Gold Package also includes a VIP club table after dinner with a bottle of vodka and for all packages drinks include beer schooners and house wines, a range of cocktails, jelly & cream shots and various other theatrical drinks that taste as good as they look. Food includes meat party platters with Iberico pork, pulled beef ribs, mini dogs and beef sliders, or fish party platters with lime and lemongrass oyster shots, tuna tartare, smoked salmon ‘Tobiko Lollipops’ and plenty of other mouth watering treats. A selection of desserts including ice creams, Tiramisu and popcorn will be available as well as an extensive selection of vegan choices across all courses.

This terrific trio of shows provides untold, unusual and unsurpassable experiences that place you at the centre of these fully realised fantastical worlds. Leave the day to day behind and get lost in your own imagination for a night of fun fuelled, drink powered and laughter lined entertainment like no other. 

Tickets start at £49 and include 5 drinks and bottomless high end food platters as well as entry to FEST Camden’s new Big Top club night. Tickets are available at


Saturday 15th September Femta-Galactic (Preview)
Saturday 22nd September - Tarantism (Preview)
Saturday 29th September - The Undead Famous Gameshow (Preview)


Saturday 13th October - Femta-Galactic (Official Launch)
Friday 19th October - Tarantism (Official Launch)
Saturday 20th October - Tarantism
Saturday 27th October - The Undead Gameshow (Official Launch)
Friday 2nd November - Femta-Galactic
Saturday 3rd November - Tarantism
Saturday 10th November - The Undead Famous Gameshow
Friday 16th November  - Tarantism
Saturday 17th November - Femta-Galactic
Friday 23rd November - The Undead Famous Gameshow
Saturday 24th November - Tarantism
Friday 30th November - Femta-Galactic
Saturday 1st December - The Undead Famous Gameshow




Silver Package - £49pp
- Drinks reception in the stables - 5 drinks per person
- Premium Party Platters
- Entry to the show
- Entry to FEST club night afterwards

Gold Package - £75pp
(Minimum 6 people)

- Drinks reception in the stables - 5 drinks per person
- Premium Party Platters
- Entry to the show
- Entry to FEST club night afterwards
- VIP club table after dinner with a bottle of vodka


Drink options served on the night as part of your ticket package.
(5 drinks per person)

Garden Party Stable
Garden Crush (served in a small flower pot); Raspberry vodka, charred pomegranate, rosemary lemon & sugar.

Cocktail Party Stable
Slushy Bulleit (served in Bulleit cup); Bulleit bourbon, orgeat, lime and passion fruit.  
Mini Blazers & other theatrical drinks will also be made in this room.

Birthday Party Stable
The Disco Lychee (served in a mini disco ball); Vodka, lychee, mango, lemon & pineapple scorch.
Jelly & Cream Party Shots

Alternatively guests can choose FEST house options from the Stables Bar.
(5 per person)

Beer Schooners
House Wines


Fish Party Platter

Lime and Lemongrass Oyster Shots
Smoked Salmon, Tobiko Lollipops
Tuna Tartare & Truffle Quail Egg
California Roll (Ve)
Cone of Breaded Cod, Fat Chips & Cucumber Pearl Tartare Sauce
Maki Vegetable Roll - (Ve)

(Ve) Vegan

Meat Party Platter

Iberico Pork Bruschetta, Shaved Parmesan
Lamb Kofta, Mint Yogurt
Pulled Beef Rib, Horseradish Jelly Spoons
Tandoori Chicken Skewers & Mango Salsa
Mini Beef Dogs,
Veggie Dogs (Ve)
Beef Sliders
Breaded Veggie Sliders (Ve)
Selection of Fest Pizzetes (Ve)

(Ve) Vegan

Dessert Station

Summer Berry FEST Meringue Mess (Ve)
Tiramisu with Pistachio Brittle
Jude’s Ice Cream
Popcorn, Plain or Toffee (Ve)

(Ve) Vegan